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As a French resident, you will be subject to French taxation and should plan ahead to protect your hard-earned pensions, property, investments and savings, from fluctuating exchange rates, French taxation and forced succession law:

  • Inheritance tax payable between spouses with only €76,000 tax-free, applied to worldwide assets, not only your French property.
  • Forced succession laws favour children and surviving parents to the detriment of a surviving spouse – and again this means rights on all assets, not just property.
  • UK investments and investment income is subject to French income and inheritance taxes, as well as fluctuating exchange rates

You might think that living in France is therefore simply a route to handing over your hard-earned savings to Monsieur Taxman! Not necessarily. It is often possible to minimise or reduce exchange rate risk, inheritance tax and succession law issues by getting the right advice on how to restructure your investments, savings and property.

Siddalls are independent financial advisers specialising in financial planning for British nationals wishing to become resident in France. We have offices in the UK and France and are authorised and regulated by the FSA in the UK. Please be sure to mention Sifex when phoning or e mailing Siddalls.

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